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Will Cleaning Get Rid Of The Indentions From Where My Furniture Used To Sit?

There is no simple answer to this question as it varies greatly from situation to situation based not only on carpet style, and the makeup of the carpet, but also the quality of the pad underneath.  A good professional cleaning will often improve these indentions and revive the surface fibers of the carpet.  However, in cases where the piece of furniture which left the indention is either very heavy or has been in the exact same spot for years on end permanent damage may be done to the backing of the carpet and or the pad underneath.  In cases like this the indentions may be improved with a professional steam cleaning or through other methods, but some indention may always remain.  Below you will see 3 pictures one of an indention from a couch leg on the front of the carpet, what that same indention looks like on the backing of the carpet, and the third of the pad underneath.

As you can see the couch has done significant damage to the backing of the carpet.  While steam cleaning the face fibers of the carpet will get the carpet fibers themselves to stand back up the damage to the backing and crushing of the pad underneath is extensive and most likely permanent at least in part.  Moving furniture around regularly or putting something with a larger base under the leg to distribute the weight will help stave off doing permanent damage to the backing or pad of your carpet.

Something you can try yourself to help improve indentions is steaming indentions with a steam iron on top of a wet cloth to protect the carpet, or the professionally trained technicians at Daisy will be happy to assist in restoring your carpet.  Call us today to schedule a cleaning or you may contact us online for appointments or with further questions!

Why Do The Spots In My Carpet Keep Coming Back?

Almost everyone has had a spot on their carpet which seems to magically reappear after you have cleaned it or even had the carpet professionally cleaned.  There are two major causes of this common problem.

The first is called “wicking”.  Wicking generally occurs with spots where a larger volume of liquid is the cause of the spot.  Some examples of this type of spot include soda spills, pet urine, etc. where the volume of the spill was such that it saturated the carpet and was able to get into the backing of your carpet or even the pad.  When the spot is cleaned if we can remove it completely from the face fibers of the carpet but some of the spill remains in the backing of the carpet or in the pad underneath, because your carpet releases moisture out of the top of its fibers to dry this material left in the backing or pad can work its way back to the visible face fiber.  A similar effect could be seen by letting a candle wick sit just dipped in dyed water, the dye would eventually work its way all the way up the wick coloring the entirety of the wick.
Wicking is rarer when you have had your carpet professionally cleaned due simply to the volume of water which can be used to flush the spot out as well as the ability to pull more of that water back out of your carpet.  If standard professional cleaning is not enough to solve the problem Daisy’s trained technicians and industry leading equipment are capable of applying a host of other methods, including sub-surface extraction, to not only remove your spot but keep it gone as well.

The second cause of spots reappearing is “residue spots”.  Leftover residue from either the spot itself or the cleaning agent used to address the spot.  Common causes of residue stains like these can range from, oily residues from spills such as lotions, sticky adhesive residues, or failure to completely rinse the area of residue during spot cleaning.  In both cases the residue by its self is not generally visible, however the dirt and dust that sticks to it and doesn’t release to your regular vacuuming becomes the visible spot.  Proper spot cleaning techniques become very important when attempting to eliminate residue spots.

Whatever the cause of your reappearing spot or spots Daisy’s professionally trained technicians have the knowhow and will put forth the effort to remove your stains for good!  It’s a beautiful busy spring and days are filling up quick, so call us or use our online contact form to schedule your cleaning today!

How Long Will It Take For My Carpets To Dry?

After a professional steam cleaning of your carpets by the Daisy crew the carpet will generally take less than a day to dry completely.  Upholstery dries even faster and usually takes just a few hours to completely dry.  Some factors that play into this include:

  • Weather
    • If it is hot and humid or damp and dreary the carpet will take slightly longer to dry, though the difference should not be alarmingly significant.  This may tack on a couple extra hours of dry time.
    • In opposition to the above scenario, a cool day with dry air as seen often in our Minnesota winters, or a nice breezy summer day where you are able to open up the house will decrease the dry time of your carpet by a few hours.
  • Air movement/circulation
    • This is the most significant factor in drying your freshly cleaned carpet.  Obviously, opening up windows on a beautiful day will help to dry your carpets, but this is not always an option with the, sometimes testy, Minnesota weather conditions so here are some other options:
      • Your home furnace fan- On your thermostat your furnace fan is often set to Auto, so that it only runs when your furnace is either heating or cooling your home.  If you switch your furnace fan to ON after you have your carpet cleaned this will cause your furnace fan to continuously circulate the air in your home allowing your carpets to dry more quickly. Note that this will not cause your heat or A/C to run continuously only the fan itself.
      • Ceiling fans- In rooms with ceiling fans, leaving the fan on will help significantly to dry your clean carpet.  Setting up other fans, such as box fans will also help, but is certainly not necessary.
      • Keeping doors open- If there are doors on the areas which you have had cleaned (bedrooms or especially basements/steps) leaving them open allows air to flow naturally through your house, and allows the carpet to dry more efficiently.
  • The fiber type/makeup of your carpet
    • This can play some role in how fast your carpets will dry.  Some difference may be seen between Berber or other types of loop carpets and plush, or cut pile carpet.   Berber and other types of loop carpeting may take slightly longer to dry than cut pile carpets.  This is because moisture is released out of the tops of the carpet fibers having cut pile carpeting may allow it to do so more easily. The makeup of the carpet fiber itself can also influence dry time nylon fibers for example may absorb 150 times more water than polypropylene which can have some effect on dry time, though,with modern cleaning equipment this difference is not hugely significant, we’re probably talking minutes not hours worth of difference.

It is important to remember if you have moved any small furniture out of the room before the crew cleaned, the carpet needs to dry completely before you place your furniture back in the room.  Any furniture which the crew moves within the room they will place protectors under the legs or edges of the piece to prevent wood stain from bleeding or metal rusting onto your clean carpet.  Your Daisy crew will be more than happy to leave you additional protectors for items you have moved if you would like to place them back in the room before the recommended 24 hours has passed.  With Daisy’s high powered truck mounted extraction system getting your carpet to dry will not be a problem.  To schedule your carpet cleaning job with us today give us a call, or visit our online contact form and we will email you a response as soon as possible.  Remember with same day availability clean carpet is only a phone call away.

And the 2012 Award for Best Carpet Cleaning Company Goes To…

Edina Carpet Cleaning | Eden Prairie Carpet Cleaning | Best Carpet CleanersWe at Daisy Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning would like to thank all of our loyal customers for a great 2011 and start to 2012, but a special thank you is owed to our Eden Prairie and Edina customers.  Daisy Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning was voted best carpet cleaner in a reader’s choice poll of both (separately) Eden Prairie, and Edina residents.  The polls were done by Sun Current local newspapers, an affiliate of  All of us at Daisy were honored to hear that our customers cared enough to write in and vote for us as their hometown carpet cleaner.  Again, a big thanks to our customers in both Eden Prairie, and Edina, but we do serve the entire Twin Cities Metro area covering Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all of their surrounding suburbs.  Call today to schedule your appointment, or fill out our online contact form with any questions or to schedule online!