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Why Do The Spots In My Carpet Keep Coming Back?

Almost everyone has had a spot on their carpet which seems to magically reappear after you have cleaned it or even had the carpet professionally cleaned.  There are two major causes of this common problem.

The first is called “wicking”.  Wicking generally occurs with spots where a larger volume of liquid is the cause of the spot.  Some examples of this type of spot include soda spills, pet urine, etc. where the volume of the spill was such that it saturated the carpet and was able to get into the backing of your carpet or even the pad.  When the spot is cleaned if we can remove it completely from the face fibers of the carpet but some of the spill remains in the backing of the carpet or in the pad underneath, because your carpet releases moisture out of the top of its fibers to dry this material left in the backing or pad can work its way back to the visible face fiber.  A similar effect could be seen by letting a candle wick sit just dipped in dyed water, the dye would eventually work its way all the way up the wick coloring the entirety of the wick.
Wicking is rarer when you have had your carpet professionally cleaned due simply to the volume of water which can be used to flush the spot out as well as the ability to pull more of that water back out of your carpet.  If standard professional cleaning is not enough to solve the problem Daisy’s trained technicians and industry leading equipment are capable of applying a host of other methods, including sub-surface extraction, to not only remove your spot but keep it gone as well.

The second cause of spots reappearing is “residue spots”.  Leftover residue from either the spot itself or the cleaning agent used to address the spot.  Common causes of residue stains like these can range from, oily residues from spills such as lotions, sticky adhesive residues, or failure to completely rinse the area of residue during spot cleaning.  In both cases the residue by its self is not generally visible, however the dirt and dust that sticks to it and doesn’t release to your regular vacuuming becomes the visible spot.  Proper spot cleaning techniques become very important when attempting to eliminate residue spots.

Whatever the cause of your reappearing spot or spots Daisy’s professionally trained technicians have the knowhow and will put forth the effort to remove your stains for good!  It’s a beautiful busy spring and days are filling up quick, so call us or use our online contact form to schedule your cleaning today!

The Things We Do For Our Pets!

We all love our pets, but that does not mean they don’t come with their own set of issues.  This can be especially true when it comes to caring for your carpet and upholstery.  Pets can present many different issues around the house. After you get past chewing problems, scratching problems and initial house training your pet is hopefully relatively mess free.  The issue that remains your pet cannot help, but this does not make it less of an issue.  We’re talking about oils from their fur and bodies.  Pet oils can significantly impact the look, feel, and smell of our carpet and furniture.  A major hurdle to this is that this problem can go largely unnoticed until it is at extreme levels.

Not only can the oils from our pets themselves make the carpet look dirty, dingy, or dull, but these oils also themselves attract and trap dirt.  Particles of dry soils your carpet or upholstery collects from the air, or being walked or sat on can usually be removed with a high level of success by your vacuum cleaner.  However adding pet oils to the situation allows dirt and other dry soils to better attach itself to the fibers of your carpet or upholstery and the dirt cannot be released with regular vacuuming.  Now we have a compound problem.  Daisy’s professionally trained carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians can solve the problem for you!  Our truck-mounted steam cleaning system is the best way to remove not only the oils from your pet but the dirt that oil has attracted as well.  The truck mounted system allows us to break down and remove pet oils, leaving you with a cleaner, softer, fresher look and feel to your home!

Daisy would love to help with any issue you may have related to your carpet or upholstery!  Same day appointments are often available.  Call today or contact us via our online contact form to schedule your appointment!