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Restorative Cleaning for Commercial Carpet

Cleaning carpet in restaurant’s, coffee shops, offices, or even a movie theater offers its own set of unique challenges, soils, and spots. At Daisy we welcome this challenge. Our professionally trained technicians have all the knowledge, tools, and experience to get your commercial carpet as clean as possible. Cleaning heavily trafficked, heavily soiled carpet, even if it is caked with food, pop, or grease is a challenge our technicians welcome and our powerful truck mounted system is more than up to. Below we have posted a video of the guys cleaning some grease packed carpet inlays just outside the kitchen of a restaurant. The most fascinating part is to watch the over-spray and just how black and dirty it is.

Whether your cleaning needs are commercial or for your own home Daisy can tackle your problem with our knowledge, experience, and super powerful truck mounted cleaning systems. Call us today to make your appointment for a cleaning or estimate you may also contact us via our online contact form!