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Will Cleaning Get Rid Of The Indentions From Where My Furniture Used To Sit?

There is no simple answer to this question as it varies greatly from situation to situation based not only on carpet style, and the makeup of the carpet, but also the quality of the pad underneath.  A good professional cleaning will often improve these indentions and revive the surface fibers of the carpet.  However, in cases where the piece of furniture which left the indention is either very heavy or has been in the exact same spot for years on end permanent damage may be done to the backing of the carpet and or the pad underneath.  In cases like this the indentions may be improved with a professional steam cleaning or through other methods, but some indention may always remain.  Below you will see 3 pictures one of an indention from a couch leg on the front of the carpet, what that same indention looks like on the backing of the carpet, and the third of the pad underneath.

As you can see the couch has done significant damage to the backing of the carpet.  While steam cleaning the face fibers of the carpet will get the carpet fibers themselves to stand back up the damage to the backing and crushing of the pad underneath is extensive and most likely permanent at least in part.  Moving furniture around regularly or putting something with a larger base under the leg to distribute the weight will help stave off doing permanent damage to the backing or pad of your carpet.

Something you can try yourself to help improve indentions is steaming indentions with a steam iron on top of a wet cloth to protect the carpet, or the professionally trained technicians at Daisy will be happy to assist in restoring your carpet.  Call us today to schedule a cleaning or you may contact us online for appointments or with further questions!

How Far In Advance Do I Need to Schedule an Appointment?

As spring returns, the birds come back, school is winding down, and there are grad parties to plan we here at Daisy are there to refresh your carpets from a winter’s worth of dirt, slop, sand, and salt that has been tracked into your home. You’ve decided you need your carpet or upholstery cleaned now that spring has arrived, but how far ahead do you need to plan? This is a very common question, and the answer can vary a little day to day and by season. More often than not Daisy can provide you with a same day appointment if you contact us earlier in the day, and are flexible with your availability. Next day there is an even greater chance we can accommodate your scheduling needs. When you schedule your appointment with Daisy we will put you in for the date you request, and then the day before your scheduled appointment a Daisy representative will call to give you the two hour time frame within which the crew will arrive, and confirm the appointment. This, obviously, does not apply to same day or next day appointments for which you would be given the time frame at the time of your call. If you would like to request specifically an a.m. or p.m. appointment, or have limited availability Daisy Carpet Cleaning will do everything within our power to accommodate your needs and make the process as smooth and easy as possible for you. In general the further out you schedule the more accommodating we are able to be with more specific time frame requests. Daisy does clean six days a week Monday thru Saturday so if things are hectic during week days for you with work, kids, or whatever you have going weekend appointments are available! No matter what your cleaning needs may be Daisy is here to help with honest easy pricing, fast friendly service, and the power of our truck mounted steam cleaning systems. Call now or contact us online to set the appointment that works for you!

How Long Will It Take For My Carpets To Dry?

After a professional steam cleaning of your carpets by the Daisy crew the carpet will generally take less than a day to dry completely.  Upholstery dries even faster and usually takes just a few hours to completely dry.  Some factors that play into this include:

  • Weather
    • If it is hot and humid or damp and dreary the carpet will take slightly longer to dry, though the difference should not be alarmingly significant.  This may tack on a couple extra hours of dry time.
    • In opposition to the above scenario, a cool day with dry air as seen often in our Minnesota winters, or a nice breezy summer day where you are able to open up the house will decrease the dry time of your carpet by a few hours.
  • Air movement/circulation
    • This is the most significant factor in drying your freshly cleaned carpet.  Obviously, opening up windows on a beautiful day will help to dry your carpets, but this is not always an option with the, sometimes testy, Minnesota weather conditions so here are some other options:
      • Your home furnace fan- On your thermostat your furnace fan is often set to Auto, so that it only runs when your furnace is either heating or cooling your home.  If you switch your furnace fan to ON after you have your carpet cleaned this will cause your furnace fan to continuously circulate the air in your home allowing your carpets to dry more quickly. Note that this will not cause your heat or A/C to run continuously only the fan itself.
      • Ceiling fans- In rooms with ceiling fans, leaving the fan on will help significantly to dry your clean carpet.  Setting up other fans, such as box fans will also help, but is certainly not necessary.
      • Keeping doors open- If there are doors on the areas which you have had cleaned (bedrooms or especially basements/steps) leaving them open allows air to flow naturally through your house, and allows the carpet to dry more efficiently.
  • The fiber type/makeup of your carpet
    • This can play some role in how fast your carpets will dry.  Some difference may be seen between Berber or other types of loop carpets and plush, or cut pile carpet.   Berber and other types of loop carpeting may take slightly longer to dry than cut pile carpets.  This is because moisture is released out of the tops of the carpet fibers having cut pile carpeting may allow it to do so more easily. The makeup of the carpet fiber itself can also influence dry time nylon fibers for example may absorb 150 times more water than polypropylene which can have some effect on dry time, though,with modern cleaning equipment this difference is not hugely significant, we’re probably talking minutes not hours worth of difference.

It is important to remember if you have moved any small furniture out of the room before the crew cleaned, the carpet needs to dry completely before you place your furniture back in the room.  Any furniture which the crew moves within the room they will place protectors under the legs or edges of the piece to prevent wood stain from bleeding or metal rusting onto your clean carpet.  Your Daisy crew will be more than happy to leave you additional protectors for items you have moved if you would like to place them back in the room before the recommended 24 hours has passed.  With Daisy’s high powered truck mounted extraction system getting your carpet to dry will not be a problem.  To schedule your carpet cleaning job with us today give us a call, or visit our online contact form and we will email you a response as soon as possible.  Remember with same day availability clean carpet is only a phone call away.

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and it is a good one. There is no hard steadfast rule for how often you should have your carpets cleaned. Having your carpet cleaned regularly will protect your carpets color from becoming dull and reduce the amount of wear your carpet sustains thereby extending the life of your carpet.

According to Shaw Floors Inc., one of the largest carpet manufacturers in the United States, the average household should have their carpets cleaned roughly every 12-18 months. I would assume they are basing this on an average family two adults, and two children, so factors like pets and additional traffic can make cleaning more often pertinent and necessary.Minneapolis Carpet Cleaning Resdiential Service

Your carpet is very effective at hiding dust, dirt, and other soils. When your carpet color starts to dull or show soiling it is actually nearly saturated with soils, body oils, dirt and dust or whatever the Twin Cities weather drags in. Having your carpet cleaned before it becomes an eye sore will yield better results and prolong your carpets life. Having your carpet cleaned prolongs its life through removing the soils which, when walked on, grind and scuff your carpet fibers.


Things to consider, include:

  • Whether or not you wear shoes in your home
  • The number of people and pets living in your home
  • Most importantly how often you vacuum.

Daisy’s professionally trained cleaning crew’s would be happy to assist you in determining the right cleaning schedule for you!  Call today to set up an appointment or fill out our online contact form, and for those of you who may need cleaning more often ask about our Daisy Fresh & Clean 1-year warranty.

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