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Will Cleaning Get Rid Of The Indentions From Where My Furniture Used To Sit?

There is no simple answer to this question as it varies greatly from situation to situation based not only on carpet style, and the makeup of the carpet, but also the quality of the pad underneath.  A good professional cleaning will often improve these indentions and revive the surface fibers of the carpet.  However, in cases where the piece of furniture which left the indention is either very heavy or has been in the exact same spot for years on end permanent damage may be done to the backing of the carpet and or the pad underneath.  In cases like this the indentions may be improved with a professional steam cleaning or through other methods, but some indention may always remain.  Below you will see 3 pictures one of an indention from a couch leg on the front of the carpet, what that same indention looks like on the backing of the carpet, and the third of the pad underneath.

As you can see the couch has done significant damage to the backing of the carpet.  While steam cleaning the face fibers of the carpet will get the carpet fibers themselves to stand back up the damage to the backing and crushing of the pad underneath is extensive and most likely permanent at least in part.  Moving furniture around regularly or putting something with a larger base under the leg to distribute the weight will help stave off doing permanent damage to the backing or pad of your carpet.

Something you can try yourself to help improve indentions is steaming indentions with a steam iron on top of a wet cloth to protect the carpet, or the professionally trained technicians at Daisy will be happy to assist in restoring your carpet.  Call us today to schedule a cleaning or you may contact us online for appointments or with further questions!

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